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The Perfect Leadership Program (PLP)

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The Perfect Leadership Program (PLP)

The Perfect Leadership Program (PLP)

During this Perfect Leadership Program  you will learn requisite  Soft Skills and life skills , and to  become an expert in your chosen field, whether that is as a facilitator, coach, manager, executive director, CEO, CFO, or leader at work so you can reach where you wish to be .

Invest in Your Skills & take Your Skills to the Next Level with these extraordinary skills and personal attributes.

  • Grooming & Etiquette
  • Voice & Accent
  • Storytelling & Presentation
  • Soft Skills & Communication
  • Accent Reduction & Softening
  • Stress & Conflict Management
  • Public Speaking & Personality Development
  • Workplace Wellness & Productivity Strategy


What You Will Get

You will be coached to be master in your field so that you can create a niche and become a renowned professional in your industry. You will learn techniques and expertise to lead and motivate your team in order to get the desired professional and social objective.

These programs instils how to communicate effectively   with dignity, impression, warmness and civility.

Grooming & Etiquette

The training is based on  highly interactive and  an easy-to-understand and engaging visual manner. The definitive goal of these courses, workshops and training programs are to have the participants put the information that they have learned during these programs into practice once they are back in their professional and social life.

Power Speaking & Presentation Skills

The basic purpose of DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) the Perfect Leadership Program (PLP) is  to empower you to have  people skills, social skills, communication , character traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence. It will be charming as well as informative learning journey to explore the power of speaking.

Workplace Wellness & Productivity Strategy

DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) The Perfect Leadership Program (PLP ) is for everyone from an individual, big or small organization who are willing to incorporate  Workplace Wellness programs, Productivity Strategies & dependable technique.

Effective Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

The Effective Public Speaking & Presentation skills training is the core of our leadership program because 75% of long term  success comes from   effective Public Speaking & Presentation Skills and only 25% from technical skills.  Hence, soft skills are more essential than  intellectual/practical skills.

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Stress & Conflict Management (1-to-1 Sessions)

Customized to support those who understand that the stress is affecting their health, professional life and relationships. Learn tools & techniques to de-stress and absorb   methods by limiting the negative aspects of conflict.

Become a Better leader:   connect today & join The Perfect Leadership Program (PLP) Training online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials on 1-to-1.

If you wish to be an amazing leader you have to have all these skills to learn with celerity and confidence with   engaging speech & presentation.

To learn more about how to be a Better leader or a public speaker, please contact us 805 244 2444 & email-info@deneeraj.com.

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